TARGET Your Media Sales Message to Grow Results

The key to your success in the world of media sales is increasing the number of meetings you are granted by prospective advertisers. Developing an effective prospecting process can be the difference between life and death in your media sales career. For me, the goal of prospecting is simply getting to a meeting. Period. The goal of prospecting is not to sell anything. I am just hoping to meet with a advertiser via phone or in person for 20 minutes. If you are selling during the prospecting phase you will greatly reduce your success. Over the course of 25 years in the media sales and marketing business I have seen many prospecting plans from many unique angles. I have identified five factors in the prospecting process that will increase your chances of being granted a meeting with a prospective advertiser – I call this my T.A.R.G.E.T. prospecting tool.

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6 Ways To Show Your Advertisers Some Love

The month of February brings to the forefront a single day where love is the focus. Valentines Day. Yes, that one-day where we go all out for that one person we love dearly. I would suggest to you that if you wait until February 14 you have missed 11 other months to show your love. Because I am a sales coach and not a life coach, I need to quickly move over to the lovers in your business life? From an ad sales training perspective, what have you done recently to show your advertisers some love? If you don’t take care of your advertisers your competitors will! That I can promise you.

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10 Proven Ways To Exceed Your Sales Goals

What will you do to exceed your goals in 2017?  In my ad sales training travels I see some media sales people drift aimlessly from day to day and year to year. There is no focus on a long-term plan for their life, let alone for their sales life. Other ad sales executives set detailed goals and conform strictly to daily to-do lists. The rest of us are somewhere in the middle. Now that you know you are “normal”, where do you grow from here and set goals for 2017 that will help you grow, go, and maybe even glow? Here are ten tips for goal setting success, and how each one applies to your media sales life. 

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Selling Santa? A Fun Sales Tale.

Is Santa Claus real? I say yes. But, I have been “sold” on Santa for many years. 44 years to be exact. But, I was not always so convinced. Perhaps, the greatest “sales job” of them all just might be the never-ending quest my Mother placed on “selling Santa” to my two brothers and I for over 40 years. The “Santa Sell” is still alive today in homes around the world.  


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10 Ways To Boost Your Fall Sales Numbers

For most media ad sales professionals the autumn season signals the beginning of the end of your ad sales year. Even if your fiscal year does not follow the calendar year, when you add in the holiday season and new year celebrations to the mix you have a double whammy that often brings ad sales to a slow crawl across the December finish line. Below are ten things I often share with my ad ad sales coaching and media ad sales training clients this time of year. I hope these ideas will encourage you to keep your energy high and your ad sales rolling forward despite the looming "fall factors of ad sales failure".


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10 Sales Email Subject Lines To Get An Open, Read and Reply

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Many ad sales trainers talk about the “good ole days” before email.  When the
phone was your weapon of choice.  Many even suggest that email has ruined the
media sales process.   I could NOT disagree more.  In my ad sales training workshops I
teach that email is an amazing piece of technology.  If used in the right way it can
truly help the media sales professional win and grow business.  

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Welcome to Salesland, Evolve or Else.

Ad sales is an amazing business. As a sales executive myself and as the lead ad sales training coach here at 360 Ad Sales, I live and breathe media sales every day just like you. Sales will feed your family for many years to come, if you adapt and evolve. If you live for yesterday, you will die tomorrow.  This is why continuous sales training is so important to you and your entire sales team.

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