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Looking to ramp up or start your media sales training? This is the 5 part media sales training video series for you. Taught by 30-year veteran ad sales training coach Ryan Dohrn, level one will kick start or grow your media sales career at any level with 6-hours of ad sales training. There are two levels available online. Don’t forget, Ryan sells advertising every day just like you. All the classes shown below include a link to download all the slides Ryan shares as well. In addition, as things change on the media sales landscape, Ryan will update the videos as well. This training will apply to anyone at any stage in their career selling media at a local, regional, or national level.

Level one on-demand HD video classes include:

1. Secrets to Booking Meetings with Advertisers Today
2. Time Management for Media Sales Success, How to Do More With Less Time
3. Step-by-Step Hosting Sales Calls with Advertisers
4. The 10 Critical Questions to Ask on Every Sales Call
5. Overcoming the 6 Most Common Advertiser Objections

5 total media sales training classes are broken down into simple steps for you.  6-hours of ad sales training videos.  Plus, you can download a copy of each slide deck too.

One full year of unlimited access is only normally $399.  Get access now for $249.

Looking for level 2 training classes? Click here.

Need help?  Email:  Ryan@BrainSwellMedia.com