Ad Sales Training For Success

Ryan offers offers these ad sales training options…. 

LIVE AD SALES TRAINING ON LOCATION:  This would be one or two days of intensive ad sales training in your office.  The agenda and topics would be 100% custom to your teams needs.  We would explore the core sales principles needed to boost your sales 25%-45% in the the next 90 days or less.  This is fun, interactive and 100% tactical information!  Learn more click here.

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AD SALES TRAINING VIA WEB VIDEO:  Ryan has just released a brand new series of ad sales training videos in full HD.  7 hours.  Each video comes with a PDF study guide and an exact PDF copy of the slides Ryan is teaching.  Also, the exact email and voice mail templates Ryan uses.  Copies of the exact proposals Ryan uses.  You will see an exact copy of Ryan’s daily calendar that drove his personal sales in February alone to over $100k.

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SALES CHALLENGE CALLS – AD SALES TRAINING VIA GOOGLE HANGOUT OR PHONE:  Each month Ryan hosts a call with your ad sales team via Google video or phone.  Each call is 45-55 minutes on an approved ad sales topic.  The purpose of these calls is to motivate the sales team and introduce new sales strategies for success.  Cost for 12 calls is $2,700.  Or, 6 calls for $1500. 

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1.  You pay for six coaching calls in advance. 

2.  Ryan does this to avoid operating like a lawyer that is on the clock when you call.

3.  Plus, the price includes unlimited emails!  Ryan does mean unlimited.

4.  You can use those calls in 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months.  Each phone call is 60 minutes.  

5.  You can use these calls and emails to keep you focused, motivate you, talk through sales strategy, pitch ideas back and forth, or maybe you just need to vent.  Not a problem.  

6.  If for ANY reason you are not happy with the sessions, you will can cancel NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  We will immediately refund any unused time/funds.  No questions asked.

The cost is $1350 for six phone calls and unlimited emails.

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