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“I’ve spent 50 years in advertising sales… Ryan, your online training is the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot.” – Jim Leavell, Hill Country Visitors Guide

“Ryan’s media sales training is fun, relevant, and has quickly produced results within our sales team of rookie and veteran sales reps.”  – Kevin James, Moser Community Media

“I have to say it was the most inspiring and truly helpful sales training I’ve taken. Everything Ryan taught was relevant, real, usable, and part of a media salesperson’s daily life. Thank you!” – Erin Oliver, Royal Media Partners

“I was resistant to ad sales training.  Been there, done that.  I have been in the media business for nearly 40 years.  I love Ryan’s training.  He is funny, relevant, and backs everything up with solid research.” – Linda Andersen, Chronicle of the Horse Media

“Ryan’s training has been working wonders. It’s been a staple of making my media career such a success.”  – Jeremy Ewald, Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

 Level 1 of 2, Mission Critical Core Skills Ad Sales Training

Level 2 of 2, Advanced Selling Skills Ad Sales Training

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 Over 30,000 ad salespeople trained to date.

 All videos feature ad sales training coach Ryan Dohrn.

Ad sales training taught to over 30,000 sales professionals in 7 countries and at these media conferences!