About 360 Ad Sales and Founder Ryan Dohrn’s Bio

About 360 Ad Sales and Founder Ryan Dohrn’s Bio

Ryan Dohrn is the Emmy award-winning creator of the 360 Ad Sales Training system and is a globally recognized media revenue consultant to over 500 companies.  

Unlike other media sales training consultants, Ryan actually sells advertising EVERY day!

Most recently, Ryan earned his Psychology of Leadership Certification from Cornell University.  

Since 1994 Ryan has worked in the radio, TV, and publishing space.  Ryan’s resume includes time in promotions and sales at The NY Times Company, Disney, Cumulus, Citadel Comm, Vance Publishing, Morris Publishing, and PennWell.  He has trained and coached over 30,000 ad sales reps to date and speaks over 60 times per year.  In total, Ryan has been a part of over $500 million in ad sales to date.

Ryan loves teaching ad sales reps his simple and effective way to achieve ad sales success.  Ryan has media clients in Australia, Spain, UK, Holland, and the USA.

Ryan is an internationally acclaimed speaker, business book author,  and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com.