How Does GDPR Effect Your USA Based Company

How Does GDPR Effect Your USA Based Company

So you live in the USA and you think the new GDPR regulations do not impact you?  You could not be more wrong!

If you’re questioning whether GDPR will effect you, it takes one simple question to know the answer, Does your company or do any of your clients collect personal data from EU citizens? If you’re collecting email addresses from European subscribers, in any way, you must comply with these regulations.  

We recorded a special podcast about GDPR and what you need to do to become compliant. 

Even if you have no customers in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation does impact you in many ways. 

Listen now to find out why and how. 

This is a special edition of the Ad Sales Nation podcast.  To listen to the other episodes, click here

NOTICE:  Consult an attorney for GDPR compliance issues.  Brain Swell Media, LLC is not providing legal advice in this podcast.