Statistics Or Bust

Let’s talk a little bit about statistics. From an ad sales training perspective, I am always asked for great stat that my students can share with their clients.  I normally ask…why?

The thing about statistics is that ad sales reps love stats and very often when they hear or receive statistics they quite honestly go crazy and start emailing customers left and right. The problem with this is that very often advertisers don’t want statistics, don’t need statistics, and quite honestly statistics will just boggle their mind.  I think it’s important for all ad sales reps to ask this question, “Will this statistic help me better explain why advertising is beneficial to their business.”  If you find that you are sharing a statistic because it helps you feel better about the case that you’re making to an advertiser STOP!  Some of you might think that this is the same thing.  It is not.  If an advertiser has a question, a stat might help better explain.  But, if you are using a stat to better justify your position, you may just be adding confusion to the conversation.  

So, what if your competition is lying and only a stat or number will show the advertiser the truth?  Share it, but keep it simple.
Statistics are great tools when they’re used correctly to better inform a customer or educate a customer.  It’s important as an ad sales rep to not wildly throw statistics into emails or into a conversation.  Our goal as ad sales reps is to eliminate confusion, eliminate risk and increase education. If you think back to college or high school and perhaps a statistics class that you attended or took you probably, like most of us, would agree that it wasn’t one of your favorite classes. To this end, it’s important for us to recognize that probably advertisers feel the same way. Advertisers are “real” people too.
So, what if you truly feel a stat will help?  Keep it simple!  Share one or two stats that are directly related to the advertiser’s business. If you find you have a “Data Diane” or “Data Dave” in your sales meeting, roll forward and dazzle them with your data! But, remember 9 out of 10 people will be more confused after a stat than before.  


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