What To Do With Inbound Sales Leads

What To Do With Inbound Sales Leads

As a sales coach, I am often asked this question, “How do I distribute sales leads that come in from our web site?” Or, calls that come into the office via phone?

I have managed teams around this sales training process for over 15 years.  

  1. Qualify all leads first.  Jr. Sales path job.
  2. If you do not sell by territory or channel, distribute equally.  Not based on sales performance.  If you have bad reps, cut them loose fast.  Hire slow, fire fast.   
  3. The sales team is trained on a precise sales model.  This ad sales training model is repeatable and precise.   Do not allow much room for deviation from the process.  That is VERY hard to manage.
  4. Create a structure of accountability.  Meaning, a manager follows-up after each lead.  Make sure the sales model is being followed.  You can NOT deviate from this!  Ever!     
  5. If the sale does not close, inject manager. Do not rely on the sales reps word of what happened unless there is a HIGH level of trust.
  6. Coach all sales calls, good or bad.  Especially the bad ones or those that did not close. 
  7. Rinse and repeat the total ad sales training process. 

The core of this being a success is the creation of a repeatable sales process.  All to often each AE “does their own thing”.  This is VERY hard to manage.   Creating a quality sales process is not hard.  It just takes a bit of time and guidance.   

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