4 Ways To Improve Your Ad Sales Today

4 Ways To Improve Your Ad Sales Today

As an ad sales executive myself, I am always looking for ways to improve my ad sales on a daily basis.   Let’s face it… advertisers are more confused about their marketing options now then ever before. Here are four ideas to jump-start your week.

Please remember, as a point of any ad sales training program, you cannot expect immediate improvement without a commitment to making things happen. What do I mean by that? Many media sales professionals are looking for a “quick fix”. This is simply unrealistic. Real improvement comes from real work.

Idea #1: Get a grasp on your data. Create a “cheat sheet” that highlights all the important data that is important to your potential advertiser. This PDF should be a document that you could send to a client if they requested it. What data should be on the sheet? Accurate number of readers based on a BPA audit or detailed publishers statement. Accurate accounting of distribution. Pass along is bologna and everyone knows it. So, stop using it! Be accurate. Unique users to your web site. Percentage of your readers that choose to read the digital edition versus the print publication. Reader survey data. Don’t have any? Get some. Start with 10 questions and use Survey Monkey to collect some data from your email list. I would call this one page sheet my “Data At A Glance” cheat sheet.    

Idea #2: Clean up your CRM. Dedicate one hour per week to cleaning up your CRM tool. CRM = Customer Relationship Management. Some popular tools are The Magazine Manager and Salesforce. The problem with most CRM tools is the data is crap. Garbage in/garbage out. Every single sales rep I know that is a raging success uses a CRM tool. They know the tool and they use the tool. Recently, a sales rep I know showed me her numbers before and after becoming a CRM pro. Her business grew over 45% in less than 6 months by committing to learning and using her CRM tool. But, she dedicates a minimum of one hour each week to cleaning up her data.

Idea #3: Own your day.   Time management is critical to your sales success. Start with two hours per day and dedicate these two hours to sales critical tasks. Deternine where you are weak.  Are you weak at prospecting? Dedicate one of the hours to that. Are you weak at follow-up? Dedicate one of the two hours to that. Are you bogged down with administrative tasks? Dedicate time to the tasks rather than touch those tasks 15 times per day. Dedicated time equals deliberate results.      

Idea #4: Engage to inform not to sell. Advertisers HATE the hard sell. All to often ad sales training professionals teach that the hard sell works. I heard one media sales training program that taught, “Advertisers need to be told what to do. So, tell them!” Really? Nope. SAP recently released a study that proves this point. 86% of buyers hate the hard sell. Instead, 99% of buyers said they want to be informed and allowed to make their own decision. So, rather than wait until the deadline to sell, start informing advertisers today about the next issue and new marekting tools you have for them.   Good old fashioned direct mail promo pieces are awesome. What about a free webinar you can host via Gotomeeting to share 3 ways your advertiser can use social media to grow their business. How about hooking up with a web design expert and providing your advertisers some feedback on their web site? I am always on the look out for data that will inform and enlighten my advertisers. Articles about growing their business. Videos about new marketing trends. Reports about motivating sales people. The media you are selling takes a back seat to how well you are perceived as a person that helps them grow their business.

Four ideas for you to grow. Now pick one. Commit to it and own it.

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