7 Ways To Improve Your Monthly e-Newsletter to Advertisers

Here are 7 ways to really improve your monthly sales e-Newsletter:

1.    Keep it very short.  While context is good, bullet points are better.  Plus, bullets are easy to read.  Short is good.  Less is more.

2.    REALLY, really focus on success.  Get a quote from an advertiser and include it each month.  Success sells!

3.    Remove all your sales pitch “stuff”.  The idea is to “give a little and get a little.”  Become a resource.  If you pitch it they will run.   

4.    When choosing links to share… Remember advertisers are selfish.  Always ask your self, why does this matter to them?

5.    Remove all references to “advertising” and replace with marketing or partnership.

6.    Subject line is so important.  Spend at least 5 minutes pondering the subject line.  What would get you to open the email or more importantly, not delete it?  Clever is good, but wacky is not. Ideas to consider… “Did you fire me?”, “Need a hug?”, “Are you ok?”, “Hey!  What is the deal with this…” , “Hot money, put out the fire.”, “Your boss wants you to buy an ad from me”.   Worst ad sales eNewsletter subject line of all time…. “Advertising deadline is next week.”   Best one ever… “Buy an ad… get a cat.”  – Carl Landau

7.    Use colors.  Text based emails are great.  I like to use HTML templates that have text within the template.  Colors like red and blue give off the perception of strength.  Avoid colors you would find in a baby nursery.

All in all, your monthly communication with clients is CRITICAL you your success as an ad sales rep.  You must be seen as a resource to earn long term business.

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