Secrets To Selling Social Media, Ad Sales Training for Veteran Sales Reps

The secret to social media sales is the training of two people: the advertiser and the actual sales ad sales rep.  It is all to easy for an advertiser to say that they understand social media marketing because they post daily on Facebook.  It is equally easy for an ad sales rep to say the exact same thing.  It is through quality ad sales training that you can grow your ad sales team to social media superstar status.

Here are four important things to learn and embrace to expand your social media revenue opportunities.  

1. Confusion equals no.  Advertisers do not buy what they do not understand.  Ad sales reps do not sell what they do not understand.  

2. You must market beyond your own personal Facebook page or Twitter feed to grow your exposure.  There is only so much that an advertiser can do with their own Facebook page on their own. Can they find success?  Of course.  Can they do it faster and cheaper by partnering with a media company.  For sure.

3. Fans or Likes are not a measure of your potential marketing power and/or effectiveness on Facebook.  You can have 15,000 fans/likes and only 25 users might look at your latest post. How people react to your posts is called engagement.  Engagement means that a user does something with your post.  Perhaps they share it or create a new post with it.  From an advertisers perspective you want to know what your fans like or react to so that you can maximize your posts.  From an ad sales rep’s point of view, if your media site has a high level of engagement when you post on Facebook or Twitter then that is a sell-able point.

4. Linking to your own Facebook page is critical.  If an advertiser buys a sponsored post on your media web sites social feed you must link to the advertisers Facebook page to maximize the full potential of the post.  All to often the link in the post is to their web site.  Not smart.  Increase sharing of the post by keeping users in the social environment and not taking them off to another web site.    

Are there more things to learn about understanding social media?   You bet.  But, lets crawl before we run.  I spend hours of my ad sales training business on this single topic alone. What about pricing?  Call me.  All in all, understanding social media is critical as we work to grow our ad sale team. With that understanding your ad sales reps will be better equipped to educate advertisers to that all important winning sale.

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