The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call

If you read my blog often you know that I am really big on having a process for everything.  Why?  First, most sales people thrive when structure is present.  Second, I am a roll with the flow kind of guy and I recognized long ago that randomness kills my ability to be a…

Ad Sales Management, 10 Tips for Success

There are hundreds of factors that contribute to being a great ad sales manager.  There are ten common "traits" I have observed in highly effective ad sales managers.  When I am hosting ad sales management training we spend considerable time looking into each of these "traits" to refine them or find them…

Why Should I Buy An Ad From You?

What makes you different from every other sales person that contacts a potential advertiser today? Again... what makes YOU different? This is a question that you should be asking yourself before each and every interaction with a potential client.

Stop Wasting December, 10 Tips For Fall Sales Success

The late fall, particularly around the holidays, is typically a time of year when most media sales people get lazy.  The reason for this is pretty simple.   Over the course of many years, most sales people have come to the conclusion that no advertising decisions are made in December.  While for the…

Holiday Cards are a Waste of Time and Money

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas quickly approaching, you may be planning an appropriate “thank you” for your clients and customers.   Sadly, the hard, cold fact is – if you wait until December to thank your clients, a good competitor has beaten you at least 12 times!

Ryan Dohrn Headlines Berlin Conference and Workshop

Ryan Dohrn travels to Berlin, Germany to headline the "Publishing Hero's Conference and Workshop" on Nov 4 and 5, 2013. 

Stop Blowing Up Sales Calls. Stop the POP!

My eleven-year-old son is blowing up a balloon. I can see what is going to happen. I know there is an explosion looming. I have heard balloons pop hundreds of times in my life yet, as the balloon nears the verge of popping, I cannot help but cringe at the…

5 Steps to Closing More Ad Sales

Closing sales is critical to the future of your media business. So why do 90% of sales executives fail to ask for the sale at the end of a sales meeting or call? The answer for most of my clients is pretty simple; they are just not prepared to ask!…

Why Ad Sales is like the Game of Chess

I’m occasionally asked to accompany an account executive for coaching purposes as they make a sales call. The majority of the time, the account rep will talk about their media product for the first 20 minutes of the ad sales meeting.  Why do sales people talk too much?

Strategic Planning is Critical to Business Success

Do you have plans for your fall strategy meeting?  You know the old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  So, set a date today and think about the seven steps I use to set your day of planning in motion.  The first step is to determine if you…