Highly Effective Habits of Digital Sales Superstars

Highly Effective Habits of Digital Sales Superstars
Media sales expert Ryan Dohrn will share the highly effective habits of these digital ad sales superstars, and help you implement these strategies in a detailed webinar tailored for you.

Webinar highlights include:
– How to increase digital budgets amongst guarded, frazzled advertisers
– How to get advertisers 100% on board with new digital ideas
– How to reduce client risk and educate clients diplomatically
– Proven methods that save time and energy while prospecting
– And Ryan will answer your burning questions too

Ryan Dohrn has taught over 5,000 media sales professionals worldwide and his sales tools have resulted in over $350 million in incremental ad sales for his media clients, ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

No charge for this ad sales training webinar thanks to the fine folks at The Magazine Manager.

NOTE:  This media sales training webinar was recorded.  The video of the archive is avaliable by signing up below.  Still FREE of charge to you.  



About ad sales training expert Ryan Dohrn:

Ryan Dohrn is the founder of media sales training firm Brain Swell Media, host of the hit podcast Ad Sales Nation and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 5,000 ad sales reps in 7 countries.  Ryan’s 25 year media sales and marketing career includes leadership roles at PennWell Publishing, Morris Publishing, Disney/ABC TV, Sinclair Broadcasting and The NY Times Company.  He is an Emmy Award winner, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com.  Ryan currently works as an ad sales training expert on a monthly basis with over 75 media companies and their related sales and management teams.