How to Sell Event Sponsorships

How to Sell Event Sponsorships

Events are a vital revenue component of any media company.  So, how do you maximize the revenue from event sponsorships.

Media sales advisor Ryan Dohrn sells three events per year all on his own and loves it!  Ryan will share 9 tips to sell more sponsorships no matter the size and scope of your event.  From presentation tools to video tools to packages that close deals.  If you sell events or are thinking about it, come prepared to learn, laugh and grow!

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About your webinar host:
Ryan Dohrn is the host of the #1 iTunes podcast Ad Sales Nation and has trained over 15,000 media salespeople in 7 countries. His 25-year media career spans consumer, B2B, traditional, and digital media brands from Disney to PennWell. He is also the Founder of Brain Swell Media, an international keynote speaker, an Emmy Award winner, best-selling book author, and he still sells media today. 


NOTE:  This webinar was recorded in June of 2019.  The video of the archive is avaliable by signing up below.  Still FREE of charge to you.  



About Ryan Dohrn:

Ryan Dohrn is the founder of media sales training firm Brain Swell Media and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 15,000 ad sales reps in 7 countries.  Ryan’s 28 year media sales and marketing career includes leadership roles at PennWell Publishing, Morris Publishing, Disney/ABC TV, Sinclair Broadcasting and The NY Times Company.  He is an Emmy Award winner, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on  Ryan currently works on a monthly basis with over 75 media companies and their related sales and management teams.