How To Sell Traditional Media to Print Haters

How To Sell Traditional Media to Print Haters
Every advertiser or media buyer has a unique “understanding” of our industry, community, and media products. So, how do you convince a 26-year old media buyer, working in their first job, that our traditional media products are valuable investments worth their time? Or, what about that marketing director that needs to prove “ROI” and says they get “nothing” from print?  Ryan has five ideas to help you tackle them all with ease and flair!
On April 21st, at 2 pm EST, Ryan Dohrn will his share tactical and practical tips for presenting your traditional and digital media options to any advertiser, including mom-and-pop business owners, savvy media buyers, big agencies, and all the naysaying advertising prospects in between.  
In this free webinar, sponsored by The Magazine Manager and The Newspaper Manager, 25-year media sales expert, Ryan Dohrn, will show you how to create a more compelling media sales presentation that will inform and inspire even the harshest media critics. Ryan’s print career has given him a unique perspective on the industry, so he knows which strategies are vital for media sales reps to succeed.From better retargeting explanations and programmatic debates to more compelling presentations, proposals, and competitive sales strategies, Ryan has done it all and knows what works. Space is limited for this special event, so reserve your spot early! 
About Ryan
Ryan has taught over 4,000 media sales professionals worldwide and his sales tools have resulted in over $350 million in incremental ad sales for his media clients, ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.  



About Ryan Dohrn:

Ryan Dohrn is the founder of media sales training firm Brain Swell Media and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 3,000 ad sales reps in 7 countries.  Ryan’s 25 year media sales and marketing career includes leadership roles at PennWell Publishing, Morris Publishing, Disney/ABC TV, Sinclair Broadcasting and The NY Times Company.  He is an Emmy Award winner, sales conference speaker, sales meeting speaker,  business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on  Ryan currently works on a monthly basis with over 75 media companies and their related sales and management teams.