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The New Media Sales Process For Sales Success
Selling The Unique Differences In The Cyber Audience vs Standard Audience
Understanding Social Media And How It Helps Advertisers
Creating Your Online Sales Story For Success
Selling Print When The Advertiser Only Wants Web
Helping Advertisers Understand What e-Media They “Really” Need
What Stats Sell And How To Use Them To Move The Sale To A Close
Secrets That Work For Leaving Killer Voice Mails For Advertisers
Time Management For Sales Success, Stop Losing 8 Hours Per Week 
Top Tips For Sending Better Emails That Get Advertisers To React
10 Critical Questions To Ask Every Advertising Prospect
e-Newsletters Rock, So Sell Them Better
Creating A Monthly Sales e-Newsletter To Drive Sales
Overcoming Objections From The Get Go
Creating Multimedia Sales Proposals That Win Business
Selling Social Media, How To Make Money From Facebook
Using LinkedIn To Prospect Better For New Advertisers

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