Predicting the Future of Media Sales

How can we predict the future of our media sales business?  Very often media companies venture into the vast unknown of new digital projects because they feel that they have to or they will be seen as an “old dog” or as a company that is not “keeping up with the times”.  Asking your advertisers what they truly want can yield solid results.  

Before I arrive on location for ad sales training, I often ask a media company to send me a copy of their most recent advertiser survey.  The reply I get back is mixed.  Most say they do not have one.

I often feel that my clients launch out into new digital projects based on how “they” feel about it and not based on what the reader, viewer, listener or ADVERTISER is demanding.  One of my ad sales training clients launched out into Pinterest and was excited beyond all recognition to see victory.  They were so proud.  They spent a ton of time (which is money) on the project.  They were in love with what they did.  So in love that when their readers did not begin posting pics and their advertisers started asking “What are you doing?”  they were very hurt.  I heard comments from my client like, “This is a no-brainer” and “These advertisers are so old-fashioned.”

When it comes digital advertising and ad sales training of clients, there is no such thing as a “no-brainer”.  Digital sales is complex… period.

Just imagine if what you were selling… every advertiser wanted it?  Great situation right?  How about this… ask, then price, then offer.  I call this selling backwards. (I am trademarking that by the way. Wink)

You start out by speaking with an advertiser about a new idea that you want to launch.  Seek out their level of interest.  You may need to present the idea to 10 advertisers to find one that wants to be a partner.  But, after 10 presentations, stop!  Rethink, re-tool, re-present.  Do not launch a project without advertiser support.     

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