Ryan Dohrn Keynote Speaker at Publishing Heroes Conference in London

On the last Wednesday of February 2013, ad sales training guru Ryan Dohrn spoke to an overwhelmingly appreciative audience at the Publishing Heroes Conference hosted by the Publishing Media & Expo and held at the Publishing Heroes Theater in London, England.

“This was a remarkable opportunity to not only share what I’ve learned over the years about increasing revenue and selling digital assets for the publishing world, I was pleased to learn from a huge international audience about their publishing trends and needs,” reports Ryan. “I also grew to like tea and bangers and mash!”

 The widely diversified audience was eager for Ryan’s ad sales training talks. “We invited Ryan Dohrn as a speaker for our Publishing Heroes event for a simple reason: He is, we think, the best online advertising and sales expert in the industry,” comments Mark Pratt, VP Metro Publisher Group.

Ryan’s specialty is multi-media ad sales training and strategy, with an emphasis on the digital aspect of magazine sales. His presentations in London cut to the core of contemporary publishing issues with two topics.

The first presentation covered 10 ways a sales team can sell a publication’s digital assets faster, better and for more money. From new ideas on bundled sales to streamlining the education of advertisers, Ryan gave the audience a platform of practical information leading to profitability that they could implement immediately from his 360 Ad Sales Training System.

Ryan’s second subject was sharing 10 ways to grow revenue in the next six months. By providing the audience with a tested and proven format, Ryan delivered ways to bring in advertising fast and how to keep advertisers coming back. As all magazine publishers know, committed and consistent advertising is a critical foundation for magazine revenue.

Not so very long ago, international information about publishing was segmented and divided. Today, the swirling together of knowledge and technology is commonplace. Software — and expertise — no longer has boundaries or borders.   

“Publishers all over the world use the Metro Publisher Cloud and Mobile CMS http://metropublisher.com and they frequently ask us about how to grow their online advertising and sales,” comments Mark Pratt. “We are happy to refer them to Ryan and can unequivocally say that every one of them has seen major revenue growth added to the bottom line after working with him.”

Ryan has this to say about Metro Publisher: “You can’t grow online without great technology and Metro Publisher delivers this in addition to actionable educational programming. I was very impressed by the high caliber of speakers at the Publishing Heroes Conference and think that my online and advertising sales expertise fit in perfectly with the other sessions. This really is a must-attend European event.”

Even though it would be undoubtedly wonderful to travel ‘across the pond’ to attend Ryan’s various talks, he is available for services here in North America and has launched a virtual sales training academy where magazine sales representatives can learn about cutting edge media sales techniques. He’s also available for one-on-one consulting.
Ryan can be reached directly by calling 803.867.3769 extension 5. His informative website is http://360AdSales.com ; email address is: ryan@360adsales.com.