Ryan Dohrn Headlines Berlin Conference and Workshop

Ryan Dohrn travels to Berlin, Germany to headline the “Publishing Hero’s Conference and Workshop” on Nov 4 and 5, 2013. 


Publishing Hero’s is a conference for publishers large and small that showcase examples of traditional and digital publishing revenue success.  It is one of the only conferences where actual publishers share their stories of success.  Attending will be some of brightest minds in the international publishing space that will be sharing serious examples of revenue success.  The goal is to provide the attendees with tactical and practical publishing business strategy that they can put into action immediately.


“We are thrilled to have international ad sales expert Ryan Dohrn joining us for our Publishing Hero’s conference in Berlin.  The German market is open to proven growth and revenue models and methodologies. We are confident that Ryan is the best expert to get them on the path to revenue success, “ states Heiko Henrich, VP Business Development – Europe Metro Publisher.  



Ryan had this to say about Metro Publisher: “You can’t grow online without great technology and Metro Publisher delivers this in addition to actionable educational programming.  I look forward to exchanging ideas with the attendees, and learning what challenges they’re facing in today’s environment.” 


Presenting training workshops for an entirely different country can be challenging, but Dohrn highlights the positives.   “Traveling overseas gives me the opportunity to meet new people and learn new cultures.  It’s so exciting to participate in the exchange of ideas and insights from professionals in another country.  I always come home with a new perspective and appreciation for the publishing industry.”


Following his appearance at the 2013 Publishing Hero’s Conference in Berlin, Dohrn will return to the U.S. to resume his speaking and teaching tour throughout the country.


About 360 Ad Sales and Founder Ryan Dohrn

Ryan Dohrn is the creator of the 360 Ad Sales Training System and is a globally recognized media revenue consultant.  He currently trains and coaches over 60 media companies each month toward revenue success.  

Since 1994 Ryan has worked in the radio, TV and publishing space.  Ryan’s resume includes time in promotions and sales at The NY Times Company, Disney, Cumulus, Citadel Comm, Vance Publishing and Morris Publishing.  He has coached over 4,000 ad sales reps to date and speaks over 60 times per year.

Ryan is an internationally acclaimed speaker, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com. 

Ryan has taught over 4,000 ad reps his simple and effective way to achieve ad sales success.  Ryan has media clients in Australia, Spain, UK, Holland and the USA.  Ryan is also the CEO and founder of Brain Swell Media LLC.  Ryan founded Brain Swell after 15 years in the mainstream publishing and media industry.