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5 Steps to Closing More Ad Sales

Closing sales is critical to the future of your media business. So why do 90% of sales executives fail to ask for the sale at the end of a sales meeting or call? The answer for most of my clients is pretty simple; they are just not prepared to ask!…

Why Ad Sales is like the Game of Chess

I’m occasionally asked to accompany an account executive for coaching purposes as they make a sales call. The majority of the time, the account rep will talk about their media product for the first 20 minutes of the ad sales meeting.  Why do sales people talk too much?

Strategic Planning is Critical to Business Success

Do you have plans for your fall strategy meeting?  You know the old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  So, set a date today and think about the seven steps I use to set your day of planning in motion.  The first step is to determine if you…

Better Conversations Equal Better Ad Sales

To stay abreast of the latest in ad sales training, I often listen in on fellow sales coaches to learn and observe.  What seems so odd to me is the lack of common sense in what is being taught today.

Hiring Your Next Ad Sales Executive

As an ad sales training consultant, I am often asked to pass along the names of ad sales reps that are looking for work. When asked about candidate qualifications, most of my media company clients respond by saying they are looking for 7-10 years of ad sales experience, great communication…