Boosting Fall Ad Sales Efforts

I am often asked by clients how they can keep their sales teams “pumped up” during the fall selling season if budgets do not allow a coach to come onsite to offer ad sales training.  From my perspective, the critical issue to address is how to eliminate distractions  and help maintain focus during a fall filled with football, great weather and holidays that demand significant energy from everyone.  October and November are important months as many companies are planning their ad spending for 2013.  Did your ad sales reps sell in advance and get in the ring for these important decisions?  It is not to late to boost your sales efforts. Here are eight ways to help your team boost fall ad sales.

1.  Dismiss the notion that no advertisers buy around the holidays. Kill this bad idea publicly.

2.  Increase client contact. Move to an every other day client contact pattern via phone and email until you get a reply.

3.  Create team call zones where all members of the sales team are calling to sell or set appointments for 30 minute windows of time. Then regroup and share what happened. Then, do t again.

4.  Revisit pricing packages are tweak them for fall savings or rate protection agreements. Be sure everything has a lot of visuals!  Spend some time on ad sales training with your team as a group.

5.  As a manager Increase your follow up and attention to prospecting and client contact. Also, step up and attend more client meetings.

6.  Send 2 reps on a call. Increase confidence by team calling. This often also shows clients that you have a dedicated team.

7.  Increase spec ad production or collect same ads or commercials to use in your pitch.

8.  Balance fall fun with work. Schedule fun outings for your team like softball or a BBQ.

All in all, as a leader it is critical that you do not sit back and accept the fact that fall is here and sales will be slow like last year.  Try new things and work as a group to make this season a strong selling season.

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